Skincare Facials


Love the skin you're in! The treatments listed below are a guideline. Our products provide treatment versatility that benefits all ages, skin types, and skin conditions. 

  3 Oaks Facials:
Classic Facials $50

Each facial includes cleanse, enzyme exfoliation with steam, light extractions, light face massage, mask and moisturizer.

You have three choices:

Normal:  This classic treatment hydrates and plumps up lines, leaving skin soft and supple with a luminous glow. Great for all skin types.

Anti-aging Intense Hydration:  This intensive treatment is recommended for skin that is dry, dull and lifeless. Repairs barrier and super hydrates the skin.

Acne Relief:  Treatment designed to purge the skin of follicular and underlying congestion due to a buildup of cellular waste. Clears impurities, refines pores, leaving the skin healthy, radiant and clear.

Teen Acne Relief Facial:  $40
All of the elements of the Classic Facial excluding massage. Including High Frequency. For guests 13 - 19 years old

Our Deep cleanse facial uses a gentle, yet powerful skin scrubber. It opens the pores and allows all the impurities which lay below the surface of your skin to come out and be cleaned away, all while you relax to the massaging effects it provides during your treatment. Includes skin scrubber, light extractions with steam, light massage,mask and oil free moisturizer. 

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